12th Annual Christmas Party at Vanderbilt Medical Center Myleosuppression Unit

We were so happy to be able to sponsor our 12th annual Christmas party at Vanderbilt Medical Center on the myleosuppression unit on Monday night. We had wonderful food donated by Stroud's Barbecue again this year! The patients and staff loved it and we were able to visit with a large number of patients and their families. Each of the 36 patients on the floor received gift bags which contained Santa hats, snow globes, Christmas socks, LRP phone stands, Subway gift cards, personal toiletry items among many other things. We'd like to thank our great board who provided items for the gift bags. The highlight of the evening was live Christmas music with our fantastic band! They always sound great and this year was no different! A BIG thank you goes out to Pam Gadd, Terri Corker, Glenda Goodin, Kathy Kuhn, John Heinrich, Andy Wyatt and Virginia Vick for their willingness to share their musical gifts. It truly was a special night.

Janet Ross